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I see there are libraries for iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux but is there anything for Android yet? I saw Newtek released a NDI camera app for Android so it appears there may be something an I just can't find it.


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Sorry for resurfacing an old thread, but do we have any news on that? I'm really looking forward using NDI on Android, but also couldn't find anything about it.


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It looks like they release Android SDKs. I saw two download link for Android SDK on But there are few information about them.
I'm interested in doing something on Android. Does anyone know the situation of NDI Android SDK.
Is it possible to do something serious with Android SDK?
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I am currently doing some proof of concept test with the actual Android SDK Version (NDI 2021-01-19 r120448 v4.6.0). Sending of Video and Audio as well as Receiving of Video and Audio worked in my use cases.
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