Amiga Rulez!!


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Thinking of Ami makes me sad...

so much fun
so much potential
so many memories
so much spent fanaticism
hey look, multitasking
hey look, 4096 colors on screen at once
hey look, 4 channel 8 bit stereo sound
hey look, 900K on a 720K floppy

finally had to abandon her
finally had to be assimilated
$300 24-bit gfx cards
tired of watching pictures load line by line
had to learn Quark Xpress to get a job
too slow for LW now :(

Those that stayed were hard core
I guess I wasn't as true a fan
I had to do what I had to do

You can't explain it to those who don't know.
They won't understand.
Love for chips and software?
User groups? demo scene?
an OS you could actually understand?
.library .device s: c: alias newshell...
it all made sense at the time.

Sure there's life through emulation but it just isn't the same.
The aura is gone.



Actually the old magic is still there if you care to look for it...

I stopped using my silicon Amiga (a 68060 Amiga 4000 desktop) about two years ago but I still regularly use Amiga emulation to run various applications and games.

On a modern PC the latest version of WinUAE is truly a revelation - I'm running Amiga OS 3.9 and several classic Amiga apps including ImageFX & Personal Paint. On the games front, I still play Frontier and Doom and a coupla days ago I installed Quake just to see if it runs under WinUAE - I got 100+ fps out of it running perfectly under emulation!

I recommend Cloanto's Amiga Forever if you want to try out Amiga emulation - it comes with several apps and a fully configured Amiga Workbench 3.0 and is an officially licensed Amiga product.

It's difficult to predict what lies ahead for the Amiga - certainly AInc's current path seems to be pitched solely at the die-hard fan. For a while there seemed a chance that AInc. would produce a truly hardware agnostic Amiga OS which could have been amazing. Their current gameplan seems too niche - a new, improved Amiga OS running on open PPC hardware - I'll keep one eye on it though - you never know and of course, everyone loves an underdog ;)

I may well pick up an AmigaOne machine once (if!) Amiga OS 4.0 makes it to market. I'm interested in Linux too and wouldn't mind trying out Mac-On-Linux as well - That'd be cool - triple boot Amiga/Linux/OS X - now if only they put one out using those 2.5ghz IBM PPC's and a dual-proc card... :D

Remember: Only Amiga makes it possible!


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Actually I have been keeping up with Amiga news. I bought Amiga Forever when it first came out, but i don't have the new ROMs or WB3.9. I've occasionally played some games on it, but it isn't the same without the old digital joysticks with the audible clicking of the microswitches. I tried getting Brilliance to work but wasn't successful. I can't remember if I tried getting imageFX (2.5) up and running. There are times I'm tempted to try to use the stuff again... especially since it's getting to the point where you can run stuff faster through emulation than you could on the old hardware.

The Amithlon thing looks interesting and apparently they're selling PPC based systems running MorphOS which is apparently Amiga compatible providing the software doesn't 'bang the hardware'.

For me the joy of community and having this amazing computer that could do things that other machines can't do is gone. Now it's just another (though possibly better) way to do the same thing. It may also be a bit of pining for simpler times :)

Good memories though


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You wouldn't believe how many Amigas are still in operation in Broadcast.

We still have Cable companies using the old A2000/toaster2000
They come in all the time for TBC repairs.

Many studios that had Flyer systems have moved the new PC Toaster and are very happy.

They ask us, " hey where can I sell my Amiga flyer now we have a new PCToaster."
and we always say,....what!...sell it!, no, no
plug the Flyer output into your sx8 and now you have a downstream nonlinear/keyer/CG/bug/switcher/etc.

we still have ours
A4000/Toaster4000/Flyer/9g, 18g, 36g, 72 g drives
and will run it till she dies.
It always starts right up and always works properly.

Paul Lara

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Videolink said:
we still have ours
A4000/Toaster4000/Flyer/9g, 18g, 36g, 72 g drives
and will run it till she dies.

Well, I hope you plan to eat healthy and live right, because I'm sure your Amiga toaster will continue to run for a VEEERRRY long time!!


Canada's #1 Newtek Dealer
Flyer for sale

We have 1 system left for sale
A4000/16M ram/4.5G HD
Toaster 4000
Flyer 4.2
2 G audio drive
2 X 9 G Video drives
all in a high flyer case
with 20" Toshiba TIMM monitor
$2000 CAN
and any amiga purchase includes all the extra Amiga stuff we can find around the shop until ya cant carry anymore


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I saw this thread title and just had to show my support! I wouldnt be doing what im doing now if it wasnt for the Amiga. Still have it :) ahh D-paint, AmosPro and lightwave 5 :)

anyways, im sure most of you will of come accross this sond mostly about the Amiga but for those that havent, heres the youtube link. enjoy the words and the amiga games! see how many you remember!

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