Amiga/PC cross compatibility


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I inherited a VT4000 from work complete with LightWave 4.?

I also have LW 7.5 on my toshiba laptop.
I was wondering if anyone has ever created objects and scenes with their Amiga and then rendered them on their PC?

There are some great animations on the Amiga begging to be brought to life again and I really don't want to render them to video first if I don't have to.

The Amiga would also make a good workstation for projects when my PC is busy rendering video with Adobe Premiere.



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I'm using LW 7.5c on my PC and just got LW 3.5 for my Amiga. I intend trying to transfer objects and scenes created on the Amiga to the PC. I'll try to remember to post my results here.

I have loaded Videoscape 3D models into LW on the PC, however...

prospector much fun ;)
Brings back memories :D

Did all that with toaster 4000 and PC running at 166 DX4..
What a speed demon !!! (well, at the time)

Networked them together (finally got tired of the sneakernet transfers) then I was REALLY flying !!

I remember some of those scenes taking 4 or 5 hours per frame on Amiga and dropping in time to like 1 hour on PC and are now done in mere seconds.

And if you go into nurb mode on Amiga be ready to go to Jamaca for vacation before it updates :D :D

But ya can do all your basic modeling and some shaping there and transfer to PC when it is clear.

And if you REALLY want to have fun, go to the Aminet site (STILL the largest depository of computer files in all the World Wide Web) and get the program called Splatterpaint.

or something that does the same thing...

It makes GREAT graffitti spray jobs for textures, with dripping paint globs and all :D
And Image FX (if ya got it with it) still outshines alot of morphing programs out today.

OH OH.... going into backflashes:D


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I figure the most good my Amiga LW will do is get me to be conservative with meshes. Forcing me to make the most of low poly meshes to keep render and refresh times to a minimum.
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