Amiga 4000 toaster


Toasting since 1990
My 4000 Toaster is toast I guess.
The hard drive wont boot up and the floppy does not work.
So I need a hard drive and floppy. I think the the hard drive was a small ide?
Then I have to figure out how to get the DVD disks installed again.
I believe many years ago I had a scsi dvd/cd drive.



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Have you tried powering the 4000 up, letting it sit for a minute or two and then doing a Ctrl+Amiga+Amiga to force a reboot to see if possibly the Hard drive is just not spinning up fast enough during the initial power on boot?

I use WinUAE to setup my systems (A4000D and A4000T) as I can plug an IDE drive into my PC with a IDE>USB adapter, install AmigaOS to the hard drive and then move it over to the real hardware. WinUAE makes it quicker since I can use .adf's of the AmigaOS at faster than floppy speeds :)

WinUAE could also be used to read the drive if it still functions but for some reason is no longer booting.


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If both the hard drive and floppy drive stopped working at the same time, there's a chance that a parallel or serial cable may have been plugging into the machine while it was on. This can blow out the CIA chip on the motherboard. Since the Amiga 4000 components are surface-mount technology, it would be easiest to replace the A4000 in a case like that.

If the hard drive is actually dead and you're looking to replace it, your maximum size drive for that machine is 4 GB. HD Toolbox should recognize just about any IDE drive up to 4GB -- even if it was built after the release of the Amiga 4000.

Odds are the optical drive is a CD-ROM drive. If so (and if you need drivers) check out the Ami CD-ROM link on this page:

And if you decide to use the WinUAE emulator to do the install, here's a video on how to set up WinUAE on a PC and install WB 3:


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The 4 GB limit is only restricted to the boot partition. You can use larger drives but the first partition must be less than 4 GB. It takes some effort as you'll need to partition out the drive for AmigaOS before installing it in the Amiga. I use a simple IDE > USB adapter and configure the drives in an already configured WinUAE Amiga environment. Also larger partitions can be created with a patched scsi.device (the A4000D's IDE controller name) and an alternative file system (PFS3_AIO)...which can sit on the 4 GB boot partition and be usable on the rest of the drive space. I have an 80 GB IDE laptop drive in my A4000D that I setup in a working Amiga config in WinUAE (partitioned it out) then used it as the HD in a new WinUAE A4000D environment and installed the OS on it. Moved it over to the A4000D and booted up, ready to go. It has a 4 GB boot partition and a couple of 10 GB partitions.


FYI you can now get a Solid state drive or even an SD card to work on an Amiga as your system drive. There are plenty of options available to you and SD cards are cheap enough that you can swap out one thats got OS3.1 with another that has OS3.9 in seconds.
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