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I stumpled over dxstudio. Wow, it´s realy great. You can put it into director within the activeX extra. Saddly, it´s only for windows...
Take a look at http:\\ enjoy

cheers, joschy


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I use it for some time now. There's nothing like it when it comes to ease of use.
I didn't know much Java script but was able to do some nice stuff after a short time.
But anyway, jscript is easy to grasp, there's lots of reference for it, everyone can code jscript.

Right now the webplayer only supports IE, but for the summer they scheduled firefox support aswell.
This is a great tool for kiosk systems or as a giveaway app on cd, cause you can export .exe files.



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Yeah, and the integration in director is easy too. Firefox support sounds good. If there enough users they plan a mac port also. :thumbsup:


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To me the obvious alternative to ShockWave3D is Unity3D, although the authoring environment is still Mac only, it can publish to Win exe and run as a web plugin. A Windows version of the Unity application is on the way but no release date yet. I don't mind though, as I bought a Mac Pro quite recently ( mainly because of Unity :) )

I still have hopes for ShockWave3D though.


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Hi petterms,
Unity3d looks good, the price a little high compared to dxstudio. Can you integrate the player in director??? Will keep an eye on it...

cheers, joschy
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