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Hi there,

I tried to use Aura today for it's first "commercial" application. I wanted to make a few frames that emulated a bit of disturbance before a flash. At the point of the flash, I'd replace the background clip in my NLE software with a new clip, and the "aura sequence" would serve nicely as a "wipe".

On screen and during playback it looks quite nice. I've effectively started with a dot, then a larger dot, etc until the screen is filled in with the foreground colour.

However when I render to 32bit targas, all images have a solid white alpha channel. What do I need to do?


Jason Hattingh


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I've subsequently noticed that when I set project background to "None", the output is as I hope/expect it to be. It ruins the display on my hardware monitor, however.

Any suggestions?

(using dpsReality)

Jason Hattingh


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Sorry I didn't see this earlier. 'None' is the correct setting to embed the alpha channel in a 32 bit file, as you've discovered. Can't account for your Reality display issue, however. Are there any settings available for it?


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Thanks Steve,

I'll explore my h/w preview settings - good to have your confirmation on that setting though. Never sure if I've just found a workaround or the solution.


Jason Hattingh


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Have you set the DPS Hardware Manager's file system's Import Options? Are you using Aura's DPS Interlock plugin and if so, have you checked the Video/Alpha Mix?

Paul F.
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