Allow for NDI Output to have alpha channel layer on the same output


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Hi all,
New to the TC2 Elite and I know of the workaround to make a separate output but this seems like a pretty straightforward request as I can take things in this way as an input but not send it out as an output. My issue is that if I use the show alpha effect and send two outputs for key and fill, the timing of them isn't always perfect in Unreal. My way around it would be outputting over SDI which would then force me to purchase a more expensive license for software that costs more (Ventuz) when you use SDI instead of NDI.

If this is possible to add easily to the TC2 it would make our lives much easier. Currently we're now moving the keying to vMix to work around this.
I would love for the Tricaster to preserve the Transparency all the way until the very end and then have an option to remove or keep it on the way out. An example would be the M/E/ re-entry. Currently the final lowest layer of an M/E is always black. So even if I want to build a complicated view using M/E re-entry I have to key out the black or use a color key etc. It would be nice if it just preserved transparency on the canvas where no video was present.

To your point if I record an NDI source on my tricaster that has transparency, like the NDI output form Tilter Live 4 which has transparency it is preserved in the recorded file.
Yes please, NDI alpha output for PGM or M/E's would be awesome. Also live-keyed sources... It's quite surprising that the mix or source clearly has a distinct alpha layer when viewed with the overlay but as soon as you pick it up on the network, this alpha information isnt preserved. I would really need it for realtime solutions.
Most annoying part is that budget colleagues running vmix brag to me that it works on their system :-(
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