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'the write stuff'
I think you missed my point entirely on that one....
Perhaps I'm just thick (that could be) ... but you're right - your meaning wasn't clear to me.

... if users don't find their Newtek product does what they need, and they don't find they're getting satisfactory answers on Newtek's future plans, they can leave.
That is obviously and always true, and not just with respect to NewTek. Frankly, I think any clear thinking and experienced person would agree with Rich's stated intentions. I'd paraphrase this as 'Buy based on your actual needs, and on what's actually on the table'; this has been stated by many people in many ways over the years, and it's good professional counsel. If you need some specific feature and a product doesn't have it, why wouldn't you buy one that does?

With respect to questions about the future, no-one has a crystal ball. To the extent humanly possible (given numerous practical constraints and in the absence of omniscience), I believe straightforward, sincere answers have been given. It must be clear to any adult that if these did not satisfy, continually chipping away trying to get a different answer is not really likely to produce anything useful.

No-one ever said, afaik, that in a few short years 'SE would totally dominate the field', or that it would 'soon have every feature on Eugene's wishlist'. As you modestly admitted in a parallel thread "I guess I really did overestimate the intent and goals of SpeedEDIT".

This does not mean SE is not a cool editor with some innovative features, a tool which many get a lot of use, enjoyment and profit from. Nor does it mean that, since the most recent update is obviously running late, progressive development has not been ongoing. Nor does it mean that things which *have* been promised have been abandoned.

Can't or don't want to wait and see? Carry on, blessings be upon you. Happy to come along for the ride? Excellent news, sorry for the wait - I'm positive everyone is doing their best. Anything left to say on the subject? Nope, exactly as you said "there's nothing further to discuss" - anything further is just reiteration.
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Quite right Steve, I agree with most of your points.

Though I do want to make sure that no one is confused that it's only "Eugene's wishlist" of new features. As the length of that thread (as well as last year's), and the number of different users posting and adding to them shows, a good number of users also want the same features. If it was just me, then I would recommend Newtek NOT implement the feature requests, but if it is a lot of users, and people actually posting being only a small and representative sample of the larger population of users, well...

And I did check your definition of "progessive" in SpeedEDIT's development in the dictionary, and sure enough, it's valid. Being a heavy multimedia user on the net, my normal thought when I hear that word is like in a progressive download, where one doesn't wait for the entire clip to download before one begins to see it. But that's not actually a real definition in the dictionary, so I'll ignore that meaning. :hey:
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Well I needed to do what was right for my own business and I now have Adobe Production Suite CS4 installed on my system.

Right now I go back and forth between the two programs to get work done.
I did this last week and actually became depressed over it :(

For Live switching, LiveSets and Lightwave, Newtek still rules for me.


'the write stuff'
... a good number of users also want the same features.
Sure, myself included - I wasn't criticizing the value of items on the list, rather commenting on assumptions related to timing ("soon").

I'll say it yet again, an update with a number of desirable features (severalpromised publicly by NewTek some time back) is, in my own estimation as in yours, overdue. Still, I've got every confidence that the promised items (and more) will ultimately appear (and I have good reason to feel that way).

And I did check your definition of "progessive" in SpeedEDIT's development in the dictionary, and sure enough, it's valid.

I'm certainly far from perfect, but I do try very hard not to make inaccurate or misleading statements. What would be the point, anyway? People won't forget what is said (especially in this day and age), and sooner or later the truth comes becomes evident. I'd much rather posterity judge me honest than score a few points in an argument.
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