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Tiotally new to this recently Purchased product, with impossible deadline, ye know, the useal story, , ,I am using 3d Act and the 3D Comp Plasma Ring from the 3D arsenal and I need to reduce the amount of screens from 9 to 5 in each ring, , , ,OK so I deleted 4 of the plasms screens, by clicking the "Clear Selected" buttonn in the D arsenal Tab. I now need to re-align and evenly re dristrubte the plasmas in the rotating circle so that there is an even distance between them and they maintain the circling action around the dancing girl, , cant find any help in the tutorials supplied, , , ,

Can anyone help?


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I don't use the 3D Arsenal stuff (wish I did), so I may be waaaay off base here, but a method I use for evenly distributing things in a circle is this...

Divide 360 (degrees in a circle) by the total number of things (5 in this case) and that gives you the amount in degrees that separate the objects. So, if you could re-distribute the plasmas around the center point (the gir?) every 72 degrees (360/5=72), that would be an even distribution. Not sure if this will work for you, but hopefully it will steer you in the right direction.

Don Ballance

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Unfortunatly the scenes are not designed for you to adjust the amount of plasma screen easily.

This would require some LightWave skills.

It can be done but would require some training and tutorials.

always feel free to email Don at [email protected]

or Ralph at [email protected]

with customization questions like this.

We can often make modifications for you and send you object and scenes.

Maybe not by this deadline but we will get back to you asap.

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