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Today I found myself, for the umpteenth time, needing to line up and/or equally space about a dozen clips and stills- usually traveling matte stuff. I have tried two basic approaches- precise navigating and snap dragging (which I hate doing) and using markers and toolshed quantize, then snap dragging (did I mention I hate doing that) both of which are too mouse intensive.

It sure would be nice to be able to snap a group of selected clips to the same location or equally space them out in a sequence. Something like Adobe's (and others) toolbar for Align Left Edges, Align Centers, Align Right Edges, Distribute Left/Horizontal/Right, etc.

Any thoughts?

The snap align selected In times seems like it would be easy to do and assign a hotkey, but having options would complicate it and really would need a toolbar or maybe a toolshed item (I would prefer a toolbar)?

PS- the Cut to Music Wizard can sort of do this but you can't do it on a large complicated timeline as everything goes haywire and you need to create a dummy audio track, deal with markers, quantize, etc. Maybe a Cut to Music Selected Clips that doesn't change anything else would help or be a start...
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