Alembic time issues


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Its great that CS 1.0 finally handles multiple objects in the same abc file, but there are some issues with how it handles fps / time:

- If I export a very simple animation from Maya, a sphere and a box with a cluster deformer that moves linearly from 1 to 24 (from a scene using 24 FPS), than importing the abc file in CS looks broken:
Frame 5 is the same as frame 4, frame 7 the same as 6, as if it was 'remapping' 24 to 30 fps, simply by duplicating frames.
If I export the animation to alembic from CS than obviously the edited result does not match the original.
- If I export the same scene from a 30FPS scene than it looks ok in CS, but still, after exporting to alembic from CS it looks broking in Maya: after frame 17 every even frame is slightly offset from the original in time. So on frame 17 the object is at the position of the original frame 16.

I can send some test files but sadly its really easy to replicate the issues.



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I have the same problem, witch was partially solved by exporting alembic with frame relative sample checkbox off or 0 values. But in our project it is very important to have frames *.2 and *.8 exactly as they were in animation. Differences caused by new interpolation makes it imposible for us to use chronosculpt in full strength.
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