Alembic and Changing Topology...


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Hello All,

I am new to ChronoScuplt and I am hoping you all can help me out.

We are using 3d Studio 2014 and recording out a mesh that has changing topology. When I read it back into Max it reads back correctly. When I bring the cache back into CS the faces get all jumbled up, once the topology changes, and it is unusable.

Does CS not support changing topology? It seems like it should.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

No it doesn't. What you're describing sounds like an object sequence. Not a single mesh morph or point cache animation.

I would submit a feature request because that would be useful.
I have a melting metal scene and it does change topology as it changes.

I ended up talking to the Exocortex support people about this issue and they said it would not be hard for Chronosculpt to support a topology changing Alembic file. They also said they would be willing to help put them on the right path.

I emailed CS support and let them know of our need and Exocortexs' willing to help.
Nothing in CS to me implies that the time line clips would handle object sequencing, so it would it would be very interesting if that suddenly started working in CS with just a few tweaks in the code.
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