after morphing Spaghetti fingers

segers marc

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I want to morph one character into another ( man 2 hulk).
The character is rigged. When i move his arm everything is ok ( arm-fingers).
In T pose the fingers move ok. But when i make a fist and move the arm towards his body i get spaghetti fingers.
What could be the problem.
I use LW 2015.3



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Assuming you used the same rig for the hulk as the man, how did you manage to get the rig to stay with the morphing mesh?

I ask because it looks like there might be some scaling issues going on in the fingers.

I think a stretchy bones/joints rig would probably handle the job, but I would definitely use that during the morphing part, and have a rig for the normal man and one for the hulk mesh.


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Try re-ordering the Morph to be after Bones in the Object properties panel stack. The order of operations might be what you are experiencing.
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