AES audio via USB audio device

happy new year all

I am posting this in the IP series forum as the TC1 is closer to the IP series than the 8k/4xx hardware

has anyone successfully incorporated AES audio via a USB audio device in a TC1 or VMC1?
yes... I agree- why continue with AES audio? why not just embed it in SDI or utilize the Dante support? well, some facilities are still kicking and screaming their way to stay in the 90s- the 21st century is so overrated ha!

the TC1 specs state "Support for USB audio device input via compatible WDM audio drivers" which is cool and all... but has anyone tested/configured a setup like this?

thanks in advance!


I didn't use that feature but I was wondering too about it's reliability. USB ports have failed several times using the Tricaster 8000 or the 3Play, so I still have trust issue about TC1 :) Let us know if you try it ;)
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