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We have a windows workstation running obs and pro presenter, capturing and presenting our output to zoom/teams. In our lecture hall we have a Sony 4K camera going in to the pc via a blackmagic ultrastudio 3G on the production gallery.

Upstairs in our smaller ‘studio B’, we have a mini bird dog with a Sony camera connected to it via hdmi. We have a qu24 mixer with some microphones to capture the audio. My question is, how can I get the audio from the qu-24 onto the network via NDI so I can pick it up down in the main hall production gallery. We would then need to put that audio and the video from the bird box into obs/pro presenter to send back to zoom/teams.

Hope that all makes sense!

Apologies in advance if this has always been answered! I have tried defacing the forum for an answer.
Well, first I have to plug my company here: we are working on a software and hardware NDI Audio Gateway to convert ASIO audio devices and/or USB devices to NDI. We will keep everyone updated as soon as we have more info.

Now, in the meantime, here is a shot at trying to suggest something useful for you:

  1. Get a computer with Windows to install a DAW (Reaper, Harrison Mixbus, Studio One, etc.).
    1. On this computer connect your QU 24 through USB (I assume you are not using Dante) and using this interface as the audio device on your DAW, you can input up to 32 channels from the QU 24.
    2. On this same DAW, you can create mixbuses and then add NDI Audio Direct Output VSTs and create as many audio NDI outputs as you'd like.
    3. On this DAW you could also create a channel with NDI Audio Direct Input VST and receive your BirdDog audio from Studio B.
  2. Now that all the audio from QU 24 and BirdDog exists on your network converted to NDI, you could create an input in OBS to receive the audio via a NDI Audio Direct Input VST or as an input in OBS.
There you have it!

What do you think?

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