Advice if text links don't work


XDCAM HD production
Just wanted to pass on some advice for DVD Workshop 2, I figure this applies to DVD Workshop SE as well.

This program loves working with thumbnail menus, I've never had problems with those in it. But lately I've been doing lots of large text menus, like nine pages long. And with those nine pages and 50 some chapters, I often find something goes wrong. It creates the DVD image, but when you play it, you find that you can't actually move around to the different text links in the menu and such.

Well, the good news is, there is a VERY simple solution. You just bring up the project again, delete the DWS_TS folder, delete the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders, if you had it create them, delete the ISO image, and have it create it again. You don't need to change ANYTHING, and it has never failed to create a working menu the second time I have it create it.
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