Advance placement possible update

Another update, this time not so good.
His mac died some time ago, so he has no plans for a mac version.
Let me know if this affects you.


PC rollin' here.

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Well, I am on a Mac so this would affect me, and I was coming here specifically to get on board. That $40 offer was good enough for me.

I guess that kills any hope for a Mac version. Going to need a lot more $40 increments to get a new one of those.


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So, another update, and not a good one.

The LW SDK hasn't changed that much but my own SDK has changed so much I had to pretty much rewrite the LW part of the plugin from scratch. After finally getting some basic instancing working, I discovered that this bug remains unfixed in LW2020

That's a show stopper for me. I filed a bug report with Lightwave3d about this back in 2018. I checked a little while later and the bug had been marked closed without me receiving any notification. I asked for some clarification from them and never got a response .

So unless this bug gets fixed, I'm not going to try to get AP working in anymore versions of LW. Sorry to get anybody's hopes up.
So it looks like it's dead unfortunately.
Sorry to disappoint you all :(
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