Adding Plugins to lwext.cfg

Eric Pratt

I make things
I've added a few plugins sucessfully to lwext.cfg ie hd_instance, but some I just can't seem to find what plugin they came out of, like BRDF, and consequently how to add it to the plugin list.
Is there a way to generate a new lwext from your current Lightwave (my lwext file is from 6.5 I think) or get the plugin info some other way?


Valiant NewTeKnight
You mean you're hand editing the LWEXT3.cfg file?

Why not use the 'Edit Plugins' panel within LightWave?

Press 'Alt F11' to call it up.

Eric Pratt

I make things
But that doesn't seem to edit any corresponding Lw_ext file, neither the one in configs, or the one in the sn_configs I created.
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