Add PreRoll / PostRoll to a Video in DDR

It would be nice to add a PreRoll and PostRoll to a video in any DDR.
On last production we had a pretty long animated wipe (around 8 seconds) that should be showed every time a video is played. So I created that wipe with the animation store creator and choose it in the specific DDR. Every time we played the video, the wipe started, too. Everything fine till here.
But the video also started directly and we did not see the first 8 seconds of the video because the wipe was still playing.

We had to manually add a 8 second slug in front and back of each video and render it again.
I think just typing in a pre-/postroll would be much easier. ;)

Kind regards
Did you consider building a macro which would trigger your wipe, and just a bit later the video clip you want to play ? That would help with your problem...
Is it possible to play the wipe without starting the video? (and without using a key)
But even if yes: Pre- and Postrolls are pretty essential features and in my opinion it would be the most intuitive way to handle this situation.
Ok, you mean you use the wipe loaded as a transition on clip start ? So in that case, I don't think there is a way. I was thinking about some clip with alpha or buffer loaded in a keyer
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