Add "exclude objects" tab to Camera Properties


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Countless hours are wasted creating selections sets/remembering which selection sets to disable layers when outputting sets of objects for compositing.

Why not just have each camera have an "exclude objects" list? No more wasting time with selection sets, unfolding hierarchies and having to remember "should this layer actually be hidden?"

Just select the camera you need to re-render and go.



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An exclusion list on the camera itself would be a great addition.

But to address your issue, maybe approach it from the scene side rather than the camera side?

Say you have created a master scene with all of the objects, lighting, camera animation, etc.

Now just delete the objects you don't want and save that as a new scene.

Repeat for each render set you want to create.

It's faster than your current method and literally all you have to do is open and render the scene.

Then you don't have to create or remember selection sets, you know that the scene you opened has only the items in it that you want to render.

Not ideal, but faster.


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That's a good idea...something that might be requested for the Patreon project by DB&W

There are paid and free plugins to address this in other ways.
Edit: after deeper thought... While a good idea to assign object visibility to camera properties, this does not seem like something that can be done in the LWS file structure. This may be why Mike and Oliver came up with these alternative methods.
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