Add device name in Scan Converter

It would be great to have the ability to name my NDI feed from Scan Converter. Right now, I need to rename my computer in order for it to be easy to find in my NDI feed list.
I know this can be somehow done, since we have had up to 8 NDI streams from a single computer using Medialooks - each with their own name. Made it super easy to deal with when assigning feeds to an input.


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NDI channel names can be assigned in some applications, in others they might be automatically set. In the case of NDI Scan Converter it uses the name of the GPU in the system. In other products like TriCaster, you can edit the channel names from the defaults.

The device name has always been set by the computer name, I'm sure that is the same was with Medialooks as well.

That isn't to say that custom channel names for NDI Scan Converter isn't a bad idea, but it isn't something it allows for at this point.
Thanks Kane.
Medialooks does use the computer name, but then within the computer name offers all of the named NDI streams for each camera feed. Almost like opening a folder to reveal all of the feeds coming from that source.
In our case, 10 of them.
It is just really nice to be able to easily pick the right feed quickly.

I would figure the new Tricaster 2 would do something similar when dealing with Zoom or Teams calls. You would select ZOOM as the source, then it would open to reveal up to 9 custom named NDI streams.



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It would be really helpful to be able to set the name the source device appears as from Scan Converter / Screen Capture.

Example, I'm on a project just now with 64 laptops that I have to dive in and select as sources and change around per session every 45 minutes.
The laptops are all supplied by a rental company and have names that bare no relevance to the project or their function.
Ideally I would be able to run Screen Capture and then set the device name Using the Room and it's Function.
GF1-Zoom Bridge.
Just now I have to operate with a device look up spreadsheet which isn't impossible, but being able to assign names to the Screen Capture application or even more globally to the machine as it's NDI Network Identity would be really helpful.
A new NDI Tool - Device Name for Windows and Mac.


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You can change the device name with NDI 5 using the 'NDI Device Alias' option found in Access Manager. This doesn't change the source name which is determined by the application itself.
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