Add ability to output Interface and multiviewer as NDI


'the write stuff'
I've asked for this myself (but so far I haven't won this argument). I appreciate the request.


NewTek SE
You can already do this with TriCaster systems that have NDI-KVM support.

On the audio output (Master, Aux) that you want on the Interface/Multiview NDI stream you can use the Supplemental Output Device set to the speaker outputs of the system.


'the write stuff'
I haven't looked for workarounds, yet at least - but I think the desire is for the NDI stream to carry program audio over the network. For example, select a TC Mix output in Studio Monitor and you get the audio mix output - but select a Multiview and you don't.

I keep forgetting this and trying to share my UI via NDI over Teams, only to rediscover that no-one can hear my audio now, since it's routed through my TriCaster. And assigning my mic to a supplemental NDI output in TC's router won't help, either, since I can't choose that audio NDI stream separately in Virtual Input.


I regularly share a workspace multi view for remote directors. My workaround for the lack of audio is to use an external audio embedder. But this is a mix out solution, not an NDI solution.
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