Accurig from Reallusion, a free alternative to Mixamo


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I have found the Mixamo rigs to be a blessing in LW. I almost exclusively use x and y bot. They can be easily modified to look amazing. The other characters I find look more cartoonish, but X and Y bot don't. When NT updated the IO interchange, I found the models came in and the animations worked quite well. With some work, it is also possible to combine the animations. These models, as far as I know, are copyright free and therefore, I have used them in books and to illustrate ideas and concepts. I find animation to be a subspecialty that I just don't seem to have the knack for and so X and Y Bot are the next best thing to quickly setting up "humanoid" models and giving them a range of animated motions.


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Here are a couple of examples, both in LW. I will have to check out this new alternative because I worry that one day Adobe will shut down Mixamo.



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I will have to check out this new alternative because I worry that one day Adobe will shut down Mixamo.
it will happen.
only the old apps have survived in the long run - PS AE ILL PR

What happened to Mixamo Fuse?
On September 13, 2020, Mixamo Fuse was removed from the Adobe Creative Cloud and is no longer available for download from Adobe. Version 1.3 is still available for download on the Steam Marketplace.
you just can't trust those.

iClone 8 is very nice now, but at $600
and each upgrade is $500
perpetual - so a big plus there

again, check #20
for exporting Mixamo anims to LW.

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Hey guys, I'm just starting to figure out how to use Accurig with LW. So far this thread is the only thing I could find where people were discussing LW and Accurig, so it's been my only resource. Is anyone who knows how to make this work reading this? I've been able to export my actor and motion from Actorcore as FBX files, right now I'm having trouble combining them in LW. A friend said I need Nevron to retarget the animation to the model, but that's $300. Any help is much appreciated! I'm a long time LW user but character stuff is not my area of expertise...


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Thanks, I'll dig into that tonight. I don't have Nevron and probably won't be buying it so those tutorials may not be of help.

Someone told me I can do it with Motion Mixer, but the motion file is FBX and Motion Mixer wants HMOT format, so I'm currently trying to figure out how to convert the FBX to HMOT. In theory I should be able to marry the motion to the model with that. But if anyone wants to take me through the steps of how to combine the accurig motion FBX with the accurig FBX model, that would be swell.

I'm good with LW but character work and bones is one of my weak spots.


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If you have upgraded your LW version to LW2015 when it was available for purchase, then you should have a copy of NevronMotion in your account already as a complimentary purchase

See this link below:

WOW thanksgiving gifts from newtek
Ok I'll look into that! But if it's possible to do this without Nevron i'd like to try that first. Once I figure out how to convert this FBX motion to an HMOT file I might be ok...

Hmmm ok I looked at the LW site and it only shows 2020 as my registered product and I don't see a link for Nevron... I'll look into it.

good info, to quote Ryan Roye (aug 2015) #4

edu190 said:
Very nice this plugin and this idea.
I make the skeleton in Genoma...with the Ryan retargeting may be will be easy...
I need a scene with 15 people wallking in the street...,I hope works...

There are currently 3 general options when it comes to Lightwave and retargeting, each with their pros/cons:

1) IKBooster + scripting (lscript commander, lscript, or Python)
Pro: Minimal scene overhead, can be made to work on any rig. No mesh baking required in most cases, even with 15 low-to-mid resolution characters.
Con: Setup for a single template can be time consuming, higher learning curve. Part time IK only without use of plugins.

2) Nevron retargeting
Pro: Easy setup and user-friendly layer-based editing. Lowest learning curve of the 3 options.
Con: You are restricted to provided rig. Massive hit to scene overhead, you will need to bake your animations into MDD format even with 3-4 figures.

3) Rhiggit 2
Pro: More efficient than Nevron rigs, modular system will "retarget" your custom rig properly so long as your rig is made with Rhiggit elements.
Con: Heavy hit to scene overhead (using the most basic rig), you will still need to bake animations to MDD format for workable playback with 15 figures.


these still stand. Rhiggit is discontinued.
there are no other alternatives as of 2022

xtra info 1

iClone is another option i could mention
the new iClone 8 has many professional Mocap easy-tweak options and exports to FBX
cost is $550 atm

xtra info 2
Mixamo is interesting, but it doesn't allow for mixing animations
and being an adobe 3D app, the product is very unreliable over time.

xtra info 3
Animeeple can mix motions however
(note, Animeeple is the early version of Mixamo, before Adobe bought and ruined it)

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This is weird... oddly enough I can use Autorig for a custom character and make their motions work in LW, but when I try downloading one of their characters and motions I can't get it to work right! Has anyone managed that?
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