Accessing the Windows Explorer?


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Hi, how can I access the Windows Explorer out from the Tricaster?
(for checking the recording external disc... ). When Plugging a USB device in, the explorer window pops up.
I it would be nice if its possible to see it when I want, without plugging something in the USB port :)

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what I usually do (as a noob) I go to any buffer, double click it to add a new image and then press "Browse" after pressing browse I right click on any folder and say "open in a new window" that way an explorer window opens - but dont click into the tricaster because you cannot get it back :) you'd have to repeat this process again.


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Hello, thanks for the tip!
that is so similar to the browser... but still a bit clumsy. it's a pity that there is no better way and they try to keep the user away from windows, but this is wrong, because you would have to get in there for some good reasons.



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I hoped that there are some "cheats" - some "undocumented features", which them we can do something like this ;-)


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Shift + double-click in a DDR window (or Shift-click any of the + signs in the UI) ... bearing in mind that these file explorers are set to only list media files.
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