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I'm working with a Tricaster TC1 with last firmware update. I'm working with clips generated in Edius and exported as .mp4 files.

When I play these clips the playback is correct but if I transcode the file because I get the T in the interface the playback is not correct and the clip goes "jerky".

As far as I know this transcoding should not create this behavior as it transcodes it to the best format for playback.

Can you tell me why this behavior is happening or what am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much for your help


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There are no user-accessible controls for the transcoding process, so there's not much you can do here as far as I can see. It might be worthwhile in this case to prepare a small example file from Edius, confirm that the problem manifests itself after transcoding, and then submit the original mp4 for examination in a Fogbugz case.
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