A stupid newbie question...


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I've always meant to get into coding, but have never really had the time to invest. I'm having another attempt, and am working through the LScript manual. I'm a bit confused though.

ON page 6 (I know, I havn't got far yet...) it says this:

"LScript elements are all case sensitive, and that includes variables. This means that a difference in upper and lowercase text can mean two different variable names. Always keep this in mind when you write code, because a simple mistake in a character’s case can be a tough bug to track down.None of the following variable names are the same:


Now I have no problem understanding the point it's making, but I cannot for the life of me see the difference between the 2nd 'Cricket' and the 4th 'Cricket'. They both appear to have an uppercase 'C' and the rest in lower case. Is it a trick question, or am I being thick?




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You could always put these strings to string comparing function in a script and check what the result is.. ;)
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