A Request to add in 1 last thing to LiveText-DataLink


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I'm not sure if this was missed all the way back or was thought to be not needed but I would REALLY like if DataLink had support for Daktronics All Sports CG Wrestling data. For the last few years we've had to pump in the SD seed from the All Sports CG into the TriCaster as an overlay seeing there is no selection for it in DataLink.

This might be a shot in the dark, but if it can be done it would make the next few years easier and cheaper for me and my video program.


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It's kind of ridiculous that they don't have wrestling. Graphic Outitters is great but way too expensive to get just for wrestling!
Give SuiteCG a look. We don't officially support wrestling at this time, but setting up a generic session and looking through the tutorial video series, you could probably come up with a decent wrestling workflow with its macro buttons. Since there is no wrestling graphics package, you would need to output the XML file to LiveText, or to the Tricaster AE share folder to populate your scorebug in either of those places.

The Generic mode is designed to be sort of a sandbox to design scoring controls tailored to your needs. You could use the Marquee controls to cycle through the weight classes, use toggles (and toggle images) to display images like "Escape" and "Reversal" when those things happen. And once we add rosters, you could display the players currently competing, with their headshots. (Rosters are next on our list of features.)

You can find out more at http://suitecg.com.
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