A potential Lightwave 3D instructor for teaching in Europe.



It has been a while since I posted at Newtek.

I am currently writing a project that involves a Lightwave 3D generalist to come and teach intermediate levels of Lightwave 3D (and possibly 3D Coat) to faculty staff at a University in Prizren, Dardania, Europe. Interested applicants can PM me for more information.


1) Must belong to an organisation in USA. This can be the artists firm or the artist can be employed to such a firm. The project aims connecting organisations and as such individual artists that are not affiliated with an organisation need not apply.

2) Must be an expert on LW10 or higher.

3) Is willing to travel and teach on site for a few months.


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Rats. I was looking forward to learning Dardanian. And I used to teach LW (and PShop and AE).

Where the heck is Dardania??
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Damn, that's how ignorant an American --a famously ignorant and self-absorbed group-- I am: I thought Kosovo was a CITY.

I will say even the Internet gives up info on Dardania only grudgingly.

It's secret and they want to keep it that way.


Hey wavers,

Too bad some of you just showed up, huh? :)

But would all of you that replied just now qualify? I mean, a pre-condition was to either belong or own a firm/company/institution?
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