A possibly stupid question...


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Now you've mentioned it, yes just I've noticed it's missing.
I can see it on your post


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It appears fine for me. (I just send @SBowie flowers for his birthday each year and he hooks me up with full forum privileges)

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I'm partial to roses, but lilies are also nice (no carnations, please). I just modified the settings for jwiede and Shabazzy - maybe it will resolve the issue.

This week was sort of a trial 'back to the office week', in which we were encouraged to drop by and try to find our desks under the dust bunnies; so I confess to having only quickly skimmed this thread. Doubtless there are others with this or similar issues. Just send me a PM if so.


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@SBowie Looks like the matter is resolved; I've got both the signature entry on my profile, and the report button back. Thanks!


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This issue appears to affect certain accounts based on how prior Harcdore membership was enabled. It's easy to fix; if anyone else has the same problem, just drop me a line (and be patient until I notice it).


Right before this thread was started, I was about to change my signature, but it´s the same issue for me..I have no option to do that.
I line is just sent to SBowie about that.


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Looks like my account is on the naughty list too. @SBowie could you please make the necessary adjustments to my account so it works again...pretty please :)
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