A portrait I just did.


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I went along to an art class for the first time this morning, and drew another artist for about 2 hours. This is how it came out. Obviously they were working, hence the concentrated face.


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Great job. Keep going to those Art Classes, if thats a result of the start of these classes I can't wait to see how you keep progressing. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Heck of a lot better than my first attempts old bean, which rather ended up looking like a bad facial reconstruction surgery. ;) :p


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Great start, (and great talking to you the other day!!) though I'd use the point of the pencil less on the hair, more using the side of it to render the modelling. You get a glossier, Timotei look then.

And throw away that 2B! Less clay and more lead, please!

Good luck with the lessons: I hope you really enjoy them. Next time, try some 3/4 rear shots of a model with short hair, so you can study the ear from behind: always a view that causes me to go running to the double mirror set-up!



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Great first attempt.. another unsolicited piece of advice, think mass and form. Line should be way down the list. When I draw, paint etc I think, Value, Shape, Colour, Edges, Texture then Line. After all, there are no lines in nature. Good luck!
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