A Blu-ray authoring program


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Now that VT[5] supports HD through SpeedEDIT-VT, I think Newtek really needs to have a Blu-ray DVD authoring solution for VT[5] users.

The bundled DVD Workshop 2 SE is SD-only and no longer being developed by its manufacturer.

I'm not suggesting that Newtek create one themselves, but I think they really need to hook up with a vendor that makes one for either something bundled with VT[5] or as an add-on at an additional cost but made to work with VT[5].


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Although not a proper authoring system, I installed the Cyberlink HD-suite that was bundled with the LG burner I bought.
This was a complete disaster and caused VTSE to spontaneously close itself whenever it went near an HD clip. I had to completely un/re install VT5 to make it work again.
I would advise anyone not to install Cyberlink HD-Suite on the same computer as VT5.

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