860 Software Warning

Just updated the NVidia 550ti to a new driver and I'm now getting software warnings during startup.
The system seems to startup fine. How can I get rid of the pre-start warning?

After I updated to the latest NVidia 550ti driver.

NVidia Display Container
NVidia Display Container LS
NVidia Display Watchdog Plugin
NVidia Display Session Container

The installed software listed may cause this Tricaster system to become unreliable, etc.


NewTek SE
I'd look in add-remove program and see if any of these are in the list and uninstall them. TriCaster only need the main GPU driver. When I install an nVidia driver update, I use custom mode and uncheck the GeForce Experience (and other optional components).
We did that and deleted any NVidia programs we thought caused the problem and ended up
blowing away the driver too. We also did the custom install. I don't know if something was added
to the registry. If you have any other ideas, I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks again for your help.
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