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I have a customer that wants to bring in up to 12 4K UHD cameras. What is the best way to get those into a TC1? Doing quad link with the NC1's seems crazy at $5K per camera. Surely there is a better way.


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You can build a solution using Connect Pro using 4K capture cards. However, do be aware that most 4K/UHD capture cards are single channel so you would need two cards. Make sure the drivers for that card do support multiple cards in a single system. The computer would need to be powerful enough to handle it, so you are talking a Intel i7 based unit. Also the Connect Pro software is conversion only, it doesn't offer recording like you get with the Connect NC1 IO units.

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Are they looking to do 4k 60p or 4K 30p? If they only need 30p it may be easier to source multi-channel 4K 30 capture cards.
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