4K resolution support


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Hope that Newtek will keep S.E. in the game with 64bit VERSION, and support for newer
camera systems ie. RedEpic,AG/AF-100,F-3 units! 4K !


I have two JVC camcorders and have noticed a new model that has caught my eye. The GY-HMQ10 records 3840 X 2160 video. Although it is not quite 4K, it is almost there and has twice the single dimension resolution of full HD, recording four times the image data. This camera does it by dividing the image into four 1920 X 1080 quadrants. Each quadrant uses a dedicated SDHC recording device. Using software provided by JVC, you can stitch the four video streams into one. Although the image is pretty highly compressed, it makes a relatively inexpensive alternative to Red Scarlet. A primary drawback for me is that the JVC has a CMOS sensor and is likely to suffer from the same "jello effect" found in other cameras with CMOS sensors. Another obvious argument against this camcorder is, of course, SpeedEDIT can't edit 4K video (yet).
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