4800 Import Issue


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Having an issue importing files ... it seems to be somewhat random. When it happens, I open a session I had previously created and when doing so, I select import files (or whatever it says...) during the session opening sequence, and usually an explorer window opens to locate the files you’re looking for when you click “add”. The problem I’m having is that nothing happens when I click “add.”
I had a project that I used for a few days in a row and one day I was suddenly able to import files (in the same manner that I described) when I hadn’t been able to before. I recently created a completely new session and again, I wasn’t able to import files. I had to create another new session and miraculously that one was able to import files. I always create new sessions the same way and it’s never been an issue in the past. Like I said, it seems to be random but I wonder if there’s something I did unintentionally that caused this... I would love to know what it was!

Any help out there?

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