3Play (XD) beta testing opportunities!

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VideoEng QA

NewTek Engineering QA
Have you ever seen something in our software that made you scratch your head or wonder if you may have found a bug?
Would you like to give direct feedback to the folks in NewTek engineering about our products?
Are you someone who would like to have an active role in making our products better while getting rewarded for it?

Well, if any of that describes you, then you may be interested in joining our beta testing program. We are continually making our products better, and to do that, one of the things that we want to do is include those of you who use our products and would like to participate.

Being a beta tester means:
1. getting early access to software which may contain new features, changes, and fixes,
2. actively participating in the process by entering bugs for any defects or other issues you may find,
3. having a lot of two-way communication with NewTek video engineering,
4. and getting some nice rewards for your efforts.

We will soon be looking for beta testers who have access to any model of XD 3Play:

If you're interested in participating or learning more, please send an e-mail to us -> HERE <- and mention your interest in beta testing for the 3Play. Testing will start soon, but feel free to reply now as space may be limited once we open testing up.

Jeremy Brosius
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