3Play update for NDI?

NewTek Mods... Wondering how close we are until the NDI output update is posted for 3Play? My TriCaster setup for our next couple shows is going to depend on when that update hits.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!


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Thanks (the reason I asked is that there are differences in the way the standard edition and AE handle these things). We don't have a timeframe for a 3Play release with NDI support just yet. If your need is impending, I think you'd best plan on using SDI for 3P-TC interconnections this time, sorry.


'the write stuff'
Shoot, not what I wanted to hear.
Sorry, wish I had a better answer, but the runup to NAB and a few people being away right now intrudes on getting my way (I even suggested postponing the delivery of the baby, but no-one ever takes me seriously). :(
Have tried downloading the 3Play update (posted April 8) but not having any luck. The download always times out about half way through. If you select continue it will download the remainder of the way but then throws up a prompt that the file is corrupted. Have tried it on the 3Play itself as well as a separate laptop on a separate network.

Have been waiting on hold for 30 minutes with tech support. Figured I might as well post it here too to see if anyone else is having same issue.
Update: Finally got through to tech support today. It's a known issue that the update file is corrupt. Hoping to have it fixed sometime today (April 14).
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