3PLAY OUTPUT stutters going to TC-860 after updates


Greetings All,
RugbyTown USA Master Control has early 2014 vintage TC-460 and TC-860 TRICASTERS as well as a 3PLAY-4800 replay unit. All devices have been regularly upgraded as needed with the most recent being the 160315 and the 160316 updates for the TRICASTRS and 3PLAY, respectively. These updates have caused a very specific problem with playback out of the 3PLAY unit to both the TC-460 and TC-860. All units are running 1080i sessions.
Video playback out of the 3PLAY unit to either the TC-460 or TC-860 is a stuttered playback ( 1/2 second pauses ) when HD-SDI video is passed to the inputs. The "NET" inputs of the 3PLAY outputs look fine and there is no stuttering. Only the video input (HD-SDI) displays the stuttering.

This was not a problem before the most recent updates.

Ironically, the video output from the 3PLAY ( HD-SDI ) looks very clean and stable when viewed on a TEK WFM-2300 Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope. Also, the video input to the TC-460 and TC-860 is clean with NO stuttering when the input is either a camera signal or test signal generator with motion ( bars & Tone w/ moving object ).

The stuttering ONLY OCCURS on the video output of the 3PLAY routed to the video input to the TC-460 and TC-860.

Has anyone else experienced this similar issue with recently updated TRICASTERS and 3PLAY units ?

I welcome any comments and feedback...

Wayne E Brenengen, Dir. of Broadcast Operations
RugbyTown USA, Infinity Park
Glendale, Colorado
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