3Play Mini - can't control video router


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I have configured our TC1 is control the BMD 40x40 router. This was easy to configure and works great.

Recently, workflow changed and it would be very helpful to allow our 3Play Mini to control the 40x40 for its inputs. I have configure the router_setup file in a similar fashion to the TC1. The 3PLAY continues to say "no router" when I right click on an input preview. I have thrown everything I can think of at the config file and stripped it down and no luck. Is there something different with the 3play Mini syntax?

Here is the config file contents.




<blackmagicdesign_config discovery="false"/>

<blackmagicdesign ip="" port="9990" name="Blackmagic Videohub"/>


<!-- The parameter allow_mapping_change_on_pgm specifies whether we lock routers from being
changed if they are already on program out, to avoid accidental selection of other sources.

<routing allow_mapping_change_on_pgm="true">

<mapping router_output="27" newtek_input="1"/>
<mapping router_output="28" newtek_input="2"/>
<mapping router_output="29" newtek_input="3"/>
<mapping router_output="30" newtek_input="4"/>




Does anything look suspect?

Chris Glanzer
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