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We recently purchased a 3play 425 unit, and I am still confused about the overall equipment workflow. If I am switching for a live sporting event, it seems I would need to split the cameras or input sources so one signal goes to a switcher and one goes to the 3play. Then the replay signal out of the 3play into the switcher as another input. Not sure if this makes sense or there is a better way to set this up? How do other people set theirs up?

I have tried setting up for an even simpler show just using the 3play and sending out the switched HDMI output from the 3play into an external screen. I want to continue sending out A, while being able to edit and select different replays on B, but whenever I try to make changes on B, B takes over as the main output. Is there a way around this, or am I missing something?

Below is an image of the workflow I mentioned in the first example:

3play and switcher.jpg

And here is an image of the workflow just using the 3play:

3play only.jpg

Any help is much appreciated!


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For the first image, you will need SDI DA or an SDI router to send signals to both the TriCaster and 3PLAY systems. While a SDI router might cost a little more, it is much more flexible.

For the second image. SDI 1 and SDI 2 outputs are locked to A and B, but the HDMI output follows the current A/B selection on the control surface. You will need to connect the projector to SDI 1 output if you want it to always be on channel A.


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I'm going to piggy back off of this thread. I am new to 3play and have a 425 system. Right now I have my 3play talking to my TC1 through NDI and it works awesome. My question comes with how I set things up for my workflow and the 425. I will be shooting sporting events but the 3play is going to be in our studio. Does the 3play take in NDI inputs? My layout looks like this. (football game) 3 cameras at the field all using sparks. In my studio I have the 3play and TC1. The TC1 will be doing the live stream. The 425 I want to be used for our scoreboard replay and our livestream replay. So the workflow drawing would look like this. The Scoreboard will have a laptop in the pressbox running NDI tools for stream to video board. Is this ok?
Football field Workflow.jpg
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