3Play CUE playback starts before transition completes

3Play 4800 with most current build- NDI output to TC8000

custom transition with appropriate cut frame set (NOT at first 15frames)

"CUE" is enabled, the A output is loaded into preview -playback starts when auto is hit and NOT when clip is 100% in program- has anyone else seen this?

thanks in advance


Technical Account Manager
Hello Rick,

That is the normal behavior for any of our products that contain Cue or Autoplay functions. You can see this same behavior on TriCasters as well if you load a clip into the DDR, set it to Autoplay, then load in a transition and set it's speed to something slow. The Animation Store, "Door Slam" works well to illustrate this. Similarly, if a clip is set to Cue or Autoplay OUT and the transition is X seconds and frames long (regardless of at what frame the clip is entirely visible/not visible) then it will begin it's transition X seconds and frames prior to the clip's end. This is nor normally noticeable, but if your transition takes a second or two to show the transitioning source then you may need to factor in that additional time into your workflow.
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