3play and Stream deck


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Hi everybody,

I would like to know if it is possible to use a stream deck with the 3play.
I use different type of 3play and in the idea 'to be faster in editing clips, I want to use the stream deck.
Is it possible to do key macro?
even for the first version of 3play?


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I am Operator, I work with the different models of 425 - 4800. Some are it incompatible with stream deck? You can make macros with certain models?


NewTek SE
3PLAY 425 (and 330/820) models don't have macros, so there no way to make these work.

3PLAY 440/4800/3P1 models do have macros. It would be possible to make Streamdeck work. However, in all cases you wouldn't install the Streamdeck software on the 3PLAY but a separate system and then it will trigger controls from there. While you can make this work via HTTP command, an even easier method is to use Central Control, which supports Streamdeck and 3PLAY systems.

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