3play 425 view all angles during playback?

On my 3play 330, When cueing a replay or playing from in point, I can view all angles being cued, and playing back in sync. This lets me decide which angle to use or not, or hot-switch between angles during a playback.

I figured out how to hot-switch playback angles on the 425, but not how to see all angles playing back. On the screen, I can choose "cameras 1-4" or "recorded cameras" but they don't cue up or follow playback, like the 330 did. This leaves me blind as to what other angles could be used or avoided during a replay. Any insight would be appreciated.


NewTek SE
The 'all angles' feature isn't part of the 425 model. You have to load an angle into playback channel to see it.

The other 3PLAY models (440, 4800, 3P1) all include the feature you are asking about.
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