3play 425 - Slow Playback and Audio Stuttering


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So there is a 3Play 425 that I am an operator on for various freelance gigs. I use it once every few months. It's worked fine for years, but recently has developed some strange issues.

All playback of clips (in a playlist or just loading off the clip list) is at slower than real time. T-Bar is at 100%. Light on control surface indicates 100%. Software says 100%. When I make highlights and rollouts I have to increase the speed of each clip to 130% to make it look normal speed. (And when I do this, I'm just eyeballing it). No matter how I adjust the speed of the clips, the TRT is always off. It counts at slower than real time. A 30 second rollout takes about 45 seconds, for example.

If I export a clip and re-import it, or if I ingest a clip produced elsewhere, it will play at normal speed, but the audio stutters. I'm not sure if this audio issue is related to the slow playback or not but it could be.

I know the owner has wiped and re-installed all of the 3Play software on the unit. I'm not sure if he's replaced the hard drives or not. I may recommend that he do that.



Did you ever figure this out? Sounds as if you need to optimize the discs. Might even have something to do with the backup BIOS battery needing to be replaced.
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