3Play 425 dual outputs


Well, this may help other 425 users or future buyers. Unlike my old 330, you must punch an out mark to make the normal operation of the 3Play work like the 330 did.

Here's my step-by-step procedure. I've discovered through experimentation that while in LIVE mode with A lit, select the camera you want to playback. Then mark an IN and then an OUT. Then, with A still lit, punch CLIP LIST. This puts the play you just marked at the beginning of the play. All you have to do now is hit play at the speed you want the replay to run. If you'd rather change the camera to be played, hold the ALT key and hit NEXT to move to the next camera for the event you just marked. To go back to a different camera, hit Previous.

This is where it gets sticky. If you want to immediately play a different camera (Angle) of the same play...While the play on output A is running you punch the B button. Again punch CLIP LIST and hit NEXT until your on the final event. IF YOU DON"T DO THIS, the event from the last time you played out from B is still selected. Once you hit NEXT until you're on the bottom of the list you're ready to play the camera you select when you need it. The CLIP LIST doesn't automatically follow what's happening on A output. If it DID follow what's on A output, this would be much easier.

In my case, to do a replay, I use a transition which usually highlights my replay sponsor rather than using a simple CUT or DISSOLVE from LIVE to the replay. With my new 425
I'll probably use a cut on my TriCaster between the two staggard camera angles I might be using. The 425 allows for this staggering of the playback of the single play between two angles where my older 330 did not.

When watching instructional videos and reading the manual, they seemed to be talking more about how to use the A and B outputs with PLAY LISTS or a Highlight reel.


I've learned that while A plays the current event, select B and the B CLIP LIST, to get to the current play event. Then go to your keyboard and select alt + Page DOWN (arrow down) and it moves to the last (current) event. Then you can select which angle you want and the point at which you want to replay B.


I'd like to have some input from you guys. We started this season with a new playback person. To keep things uncomplicated, we've only been using the "A" output. Occasionally, we've selected clip list and arrow to a different camera for playback rather than using the one we selected before marking. But, this past week we played back the previous game's clips while testing the A+B control and the A or B outputs. We thought we had everything figured out. But when we got to the stadium and had four cameras as sources and had the 425 in record mode, it seemed everything changed.

We set "A" to record our usual #2 camera. We selected camera #4 as our "B". The unit was already in record mode. We began by selecting the A+B button assuming both A and B would playback when we went to clip list for A after marking an in point and out point. When we pressed play, only "A" played, no "B". So we put "A" back to "LIVE" and then "B" back to "LIVE" and tried again. We marked an in and then an out point, went to clip list for A, then went to clip list for B then pressed play. With "B" lit, only B played even though A+B button was also lit. So, I'm confused. I thought A+B caused both A & B to play.

When we played with the unit the week before using the clip list from the previous game (without recording) the marked play number appeared on the monitor for A and the monitor for B. So it was easy to check to be sure you were on the right play. This wasn't showing on both monitors when in record mode at the stadium. In fact, one monitor was showing delayed.

Obviously, I need some instruction. I'm assuming nothing's wrong with my 425.


Well...in playing with my 3Play 425, by hitting RECORD in a new session and while LIVE, I punch A on the controller and set which camera of the four cameras I wish to see as replay on A Output. Then while still LIVE, punch B on the controller and, again, select the camera which I wish to see as the playback on B output, I can then switch back to A on the controller, mark an IN point for a play and then an OUT point for the play. This actually sets IN and OUT points for all four cameras on my 3Play 425, not just the A camera.

Next is the tricky part. If planning on a staggered playback of two different cameras, I'd typically start with the controller set to A. I'd press the Clip List button which cues the A camera to the IN point of the clip i just marked. When the clip is called for I press PLAY.

Then I can press the B button followed by the Clip List button which cues the B camera to its (and I don't know why it does this) previous clip's IN point. I have to press the NEXT button to move to the start of the current clip. *( A note: If I haven't been switching to B for playback for a while I must hit Ctrl + Page Down to get to the current clip on B).
At this time, if the clip needs trimming, I can jog to the point we want to start playback from. When called for I can press play for that camera angle. Once done I press LIVE for B and then LIVE for A and I'm ready to go again.

Now...for using the A+B button on the controller, A must be set to LIVE and B must be set to LIVE. With A lit and the A+B button also lit, mark an IN and the OUT point for the current clip. Put A on clip list and then B on clip list (and again I don't know why but press the NEXT button to move B to the current clip, or Ctrl+Page Down to get B to the current clip and press Play when called for by the director. Both A and B will play at the same time and the switcher can select when and where to cut between the A and the B output. When done put B back to LIVE and A back to Live and continue.

This is what I've come up with for staggered playback and A+B playback of two different camera angles on my 3Play 425. If I missed something that would improve the method, or make it easier, please speak up.
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