3Play 425 Clips/A+B Output are Stuttering


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I have been seeing some strange stuttering on clips in my 3Play 425 cliplist, and A/B outputs. It's very random, have not been able to find a pattern. Basically every once in awhile, when I play a clip, the first 4-5 seconds of it will stutter, and then it will play in full speed.

This is very sporadic, but sometimes it will happen 4-5 clips in a row. I've unplugged the control surface and the same thing still happens.


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How old is your 425 system? Besides making sure it is current in software. If it is a older unit, your drives might be starting to wear out and not deliver the performance that they should. Try recording only two channels of video to either the internal or removable drive and see if everything works okay with one or the other. I'd take out the removable when you test the internal.
Same problem and no help from newtek support or our local dealer.

Probably because its inconsistent and not replicable. Sometimes stuteriet happens foten and sometimes very seldom.
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