3Play 3P2 First Impressions (Windows 10 IoT)


Upon booting and auto-logging into the 3P2, I found that the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC version loaded with Microsoft bloatware. The usual apps including Cortana, XBox, Microsoft Games, Microsoft Office Trial, Live Tiles (News, Sport, Weather, Business), One Drive, amongst so many other applications.

So many unnecessary applications using processing power, threads and resources, with the possibility of clashing with the 3P2 application and the Newtek NDI Tools library.

Below is the standard Desktop & Start Menu for "Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC" … No Microsoft bloatware.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC.png

Our expectation was to be presented with a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise desktop with the inclusion of the 3P2 desktop icon and start menu shortcut and the Newtek NDI Tools start menu folder.

The question remains, can those unnecessary applications be uninstalled and removed from the start menu without any unforeseen consequences.

Windows Updates:

In previous versions of 3Play (425, 820, 4800), it was recommended by Newtek not to perform Windows Updates, and rightfully so. Yet upon being presented with the 3P2 Windows Desktop, the Newtek Registration dialog is shown, and must be completed on-line to activate the 3P2 software. However, upon connecting to the internet, Windows Updates commenced in the background automatically and without any notification, and it is not clear as to the impact those updates may have on the operation of the 3P2. As soon as registration was complete, the internet connection was severed. There are a number of open source non-evasive applications available to at least control the Windows Updates manually, and allow broadcast engineers to select what updates are appropriate for the 3P2, as directed by Newtek, either via the Newtek Forum or via email to registered customers.

Alternatively, these Windows Updates could be bundled with the 3P2/NC2 Firmware & Software Updates after being factory tested by the Newtek engineering team. Windows Group Policy is available to circumvent the installation of any foreign software applications and updates. Not unlike previous 3Play systems (425/820/4800).

Question, can an open source Windows Update tool be used to manually control which updates can be applied (ie. DotNet Framework, C++ libraries and security updates).

This does not bode well as a first impression for potential purchasers and first time 3P2 operators familiar with the previous 3Play systems.

All the above should be resolved in short order for both the 3Play 3P2 and NC2 Studio IO Module, otherwise questions regarding the stability of the 3P2 may surface.

Windows Updates can be a perilous domain in which to roam for mission critical systems such as the 3P2 and NC2.

Thank-you for your consideration.
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Windows Updates are allowed on Windows 10 based systems. I perform Windows Updates on all of my system the second Tuesday of every month.
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