3Play 3P1 with Dante Audio


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I recently discovered how to get a 3P1 to play audio out over Dante. Here's a rundown of what I did to get it working in the basic sense and the feature request as a result.

What I did:
I started first by installing Dante Virtual Sound Card and trying to see if there was any way to configure audio inputs and outputs. As far as I can tell, there are no options to configure audio output- only inputs- so this made testing DVS a bit tricky. DVS inputs work just fine after installing DVS software so that works. For outputs, I routed every DVS output to my mixer and just started playing some audio, to no avail. I checked the default devices on windows after closing the 3play software and I felt like I was at a loss and there was no answer for native DVS output with a 3play. I took a day to think about it and decided to reinstall audio drivers on the 3play, just to see what happens. I'd make sure to back up the system before doing that since it's probably possible to thoroughly mess up the 3play when playing with drivers. After reinstalling drivers and rebooting a few times to be sure I tested the 3play to make sure it was behaving normally(check the audio outputs and make sure the 3gsdi out is sending audio ok) I selected DVS 1-2 as the default audio device for windows. 3Play then sent audio out over DVS 1-2 in addition to still sending out through other I/O just fine.

I don't know if I absolutely needed to reinstall audio drivers or if that was just a quirk on my 3play but I hope this helps anyone else out there looking to get DVS working on a 3play.

Feature Request:
I would very much like to have the option to have an advanced audio config menu to be able to select other audio devices. There are situations before I was even aware of DVS where I could have had some seriously impressive flexibility if I'd been able to reconfigure audio outputs. It'd be kinda cool to have a tool on the main menu that would allow you to configure the audio outputs- being able to send a test signal from that menu would be a real cherry on top. Alternatively, in a session it would be nice to be able to select a specific output to send audio to specific interface.
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