3Play 3P1 - standalone use for recording NDI sources?


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We currently own a Tricaster 8000 and 3Play 440.

We've been working in the world of NDI lately, and while budget does not allow us to fully upgrade both units, we were wondering if anyone may have an answer to the following usage question...

Could we rent a 3Play 3P1 and simply use it as a standalone recorder of NDI sources? There would be no replay needing to go back to a Tricaster, or any such other connectivity that I know of. Basically, could we hook up a 3P1 with ethernet, get our NDI inputs, and hit record in the 3Play..? Knowing that our other models are outdated.

The NDI source would be a Skype video call, that we record individual input ISOs of each caller. We currently use our existing set-up to do that, but wanted to possibly expand with a number of participants for our next show.

We do a lot in post/editing with the footage, hence why we record the individual ISO's of each caller.

Any help on this question is much appreciated. Thanks!


If I'm understanding you right you just want to record an NDI feed. Could you not just run studio monitor from the free NDI tools and record the iso using that?

Would save you a load of cash.
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