3Play 330 System Drives - unit is paperweight!


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Hello all,

I purchased a 3play 330 over the summer that said 'dead hard drives'. I finally started digging in this winter, and like an idiot, I formatted the original drives to speed test and see if I need new ones. They speed tested fine, and upon further research, I needed to reconfigure the BIOS to RAID. Well now I am stuck dead in the water without system drives - I thought with a fresh OS install I would be able to download the software from newtek, nope - I need re-imaged drives.

3Play 330 has reached it's EOL and no resellers, neither newtek support can help me. I am looking for an owner of a unit who would be willing to clone their drives to mine (I can send cloner and fresh hard drives) and I can PayPal/venmo them $300. Anyone at all who can help me, I would sincerely appreciate it...

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